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Forklift truck training in Essex

Train your workforce in the safe and effective use of forklift trucks with Sovereign Lift Trucks Company. We conduct training classes for all makes and models of forklift trucks and handling equipment.

Professional forklift truck trainers

Do you need specialised training in forklift truck operation? Speak to the experts at Sovereign Lift Trucks Company. Our professional trainers provide classroom and hands-on training for all drivers. Our training can help prevent accidents and improve safety for both drivers and workers.

We deliver professional training for all types of forklift trucks, alongside practical training on a range of multi handling equipment. After the training, you are sure to feel confident while operating all types of forklift trucks. 
Take a look at our gallery of plant machinery and forklift trucks for hire.
forklift truck trainers
Are you looking for forklift truck training classes in Essex? Call Sovereign Lift Trucks Company on
020 8594 7209

Intensive forklift truck training

Do you require forklift truck driver training on your own site? Sovereign Lift Trucks Company can deliver forklift truck training at your place of business. Our training programmes include the following:
  • Basic training for drivers with no forklift experience
  • Practical and hands-on training
  • Theory training
  • Safe working practices
  • LOLER testing and certification
With our training you can get the skills necessary to apply for a forklift driving licence. Whether you are a beginner or you want to requalify as a licensed forklift truck driver, our training is a step in the right direction. Get in touch with us for more details.
Theory training
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